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VORTEX Flow Control

Easy installation on 1200 mm & 1500 mm Diameter manhole rings


Self Activating and Self Cleaning


Minimal Maintenance


Integrated Manual By-pass


Outlet opening 3-6 times larger than conventional orifice plate controls.


Reduced Storage requirements.

Text Box: Stormwater Flow Control

Watertight joint at pipe entry and exit to impermeable attenuation systems.


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100% Seal


Quick and easy installation


No on site welding required


Available in various sizes

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Text Box: MultiLog. SMS/GPS Data logger.

MultiLog is the most comprehensive, advanced and flexible data logger yet. It can be supplied with up to four inputs for monitoring any combination of digital or analogue signals.
Completely waterproof and fully battery powered means no maintenance for at least 5 years.
Monitors Level, Flow, Pressure and other parameters.
Dynamic Flow and pressure analysis of network models together with the facility to investigate unusual events with Fast Sampling

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Text Box: MultiLog GPRS  Data Logger.

Multilog GPRS is an innovative cellular telemetery logger capable of downloading its data to a pc or centralised server, by sending an email directly from the logger. The receiving pc only requires an email account and does not require a dedicated modem to collect data from loggers. No special email system is required.
Suitable for applications where cables telephone lines are costly or prohibitive.

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Text Box: LEVEL CONTROLLER − proven million fold all over the world


Conforms in accordance with EC-low voltage standards 73/23 EEC


In accordance with EC-standards 94/9/EEC (ATEX 95)


Environmentally friendly in accordance with EC-directive RoHS 2002/95/EC

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Forged and Fabricated products forge1 line

Whatever the product requirement, JK Pipelines can work to drawings supplied or concepts described. Whether the requirement is for brackets, keys, clips or more complex fabrications, the Company's considerable experience can be brought to bear from the outset.



We manufacture all types of standpipes, in both Alumiium (Brigade Type) and in Steel (Contractor type).

In both types, it is essential to avoid any back siphonage via any external connection and to achieve this, our pipes are fitted with a double check valve approved to BS6282.

Lables and name plates can also be fitted if required.


Valve keys and Tee Keys.

All valve keys are manufactured to your specification. Standard designs are, looped valve key, and the standard 7/8" diameter EN9 tee key, both of which are available ex stock. All looped valve keys are manufactured to suit either 35mm AF or 48mm AF caps.


Twist-lock Valve key

This is a 42" heavy duty steel tubular valve key. Down the centre of which is carried an EN9 chisel bar, held in place by a 'twist lock' mechanism. Extremely strong yet very light. This is the only key on the market in which the bar is physically held in place without the use of springs, catches or any other device which may be prone to failure.

Manufactured with either a standard 35mm AF female or 48mm female.

Also available with triangular or Liverpool pattern oval sockets or other special fittings.

twistlock other

Valve Spindle Extensions

Available in mild steel (painted or galvanised) and Stainless Steel.

Spindles can be of any length, with couplings, universal joints, key operation or handwheel operation.

We also supply headstocks, both simple and indicating and a variety of guide brackets.

Our extensive product range includes -

Standard & heavy duty valve keys in mild steel, plain and ball-ended chisel bars, light & heavy tee handled valve keys, combination ferrule mechanisms (mild or stainless steel), standard & four prong stop tap keys, simple gulley scoops, mechanical, gulley scoops, valve extension spindles, stop tap locking clips, cast iron 'shut' caps, cast iron false spindle caps, screw on hydrant leak caps, light & heavy duty grid lifters, all types of spindle support brackets made to specification, anti-theft devices for hydrants, stand pipes made to specification.

Water Ecology

Garden, Domestic & Commercial rainwater Harvesting

Raincycle has been specifically designed to utilise rainwater, which would normally go to waste.

Environmentally friendly and cost effective!

Up to 46% saving on your potable Water usage!

Since there is no mains water connection, these systems can be used without contravening any hose pipe bans in force in your area!

















Our range of pumps include electrically driven submersible pumps, hydraulically driven submersible pumps, electrically driven self-priming pumps and engine driven self-priming pumps; water pumps and sewage pumps.

  Potable & clean water pumps
Booster sets
Borehole Pumps
Well Pumps
Domestic Drainage Pumps
Industrial Drainage Pumps
Contractor Drainage Pumps
High Head Drainage Pumps
Submersible Sewage Pumps
Submersible Grinder Pumps
Submersible Chopper Pumps
Engine Driven Pumps
Diaphragm Pumps
Diesel/Petrol Transfer Pumps
Self-Priming Pumps
Dredging Pumps